Trigo Corp. is one of many Trigo family owned businesses that have served the Puerto Rico market since 1886.

In the 1980’s the Trigo Family sold many of their business adventures, such as Trigo Hermanos, Inc., a distributing company, Casera and other manufacturing enterprises. They did retain Trigo Corporation, a small liquor manufacturing and distributing operation located in the historical “Central Constancia” grounds, one of the oldest sugar cane “Haciendas” in the early years of agriculture on the Rio La Plata basin.

In the mid 1980’s, Mr. Beningno Trigo, Stockholder, Director and Officer of the family owned business, decided to turn Trigo into a dynamic professional manufacturing operation based on the crafting of wines, specialized rums and other specialties.

Today, the actual production of Trigo Corp. exceeds half a million cases per year. Our principal products are Ponte Vecckio brand products, under which we have developed a series of wine varietals ranging from the traditional Lambrusco, Cabernets, Rose wines to Sangrias.

We have also created a number of cork wines, liqueurs, artisan Vodka and other traditional products such as “Ron Cañita Artesanal Alambique”, “Coquito Trigo” and our premium rum “Trigo Reserva Añeja” among others. While our products are sold mainly in Puerto Rico, the business has begun expansion into the United States, the rest of the Caribbean and Duty Free markets.

We, in Trigo Corp., strive to produce high quality products for the local market and abroad in order to satisfy the taste of our consumers.

Create and produce high quality wines, rums and liqueurs that meet the demands of the consumer in Puerto Rico and the International Market.

That our products win over and captivate consumers in a way that, when they think about, look for, and acquire a product in the categories of wines, liqueurs or rums, our brands will be their best option.